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The exposure risk to radiation depends very much on practices, and on devices or sources used.

Accordingly, workplace studies should be carried out on a case-by-case basis to assess this risk.


​Persons involved in animal imaging requires dosimetric monitoring . As an example, and subject to workplace study, a veterinarian practicing under good conditions 500 x rays a year must wear a "chest" dosimeter changed quarterly. It may also be necessary to carry out a dosimetric monitoring of extremities with ring or wrist dosimeters for whose who to have hold animals  near the primary beam. In all cases, environmental dosimeters will also be used to measure the environmental dose in working areas in accordance with the regulations and standards in force.


    Individual dosimetry

    RPL dosimeter

    • ​ ​With highly accurate results, the RPL measures the doses of  X rays, gamma and beta radiation.
    • Absolute comfort due to being lightweight (12g) and ergonomically designed.
    • Secure and easy identification because the worker’s name is clearly indicated  on the dosimeter.
    • Secure and easy identification because the worker’s name is clearly indicated  on the dosimeter.
    • Real progress in terms of hygiene: the RPL dosimeter is wrapped with a thermo-retractable film destroyed after each period of use.


    Individual dosimetry

    TLD ring dosimeter

  • ​Clear identification of the wearer thanks to a laser engraving on the ring attachment.
  • Précision analysis guaranteed with a threshold dose measurement fixed at 100μSv.
  • The soft smooth plastic material ensures excellent comfort and allows simple, effective decontamination.
  • One single size due to self-adjusting plastic ring with shape memory.
  • An extra flat design that makes easy to put on and remove gloves.
  • Flawless traceability of the ring thanks to the circular bar code


    Workplace studies

    TLD chips

    • A small dosimeter that allows very localized measurements.
    • The chip can be glued to the skin with an adhesive.
    • An analysis made in Hp (0,07) dedicated to the measurement of the dose to the skin.
    • TLD technology.


    Workplace studies

    RPL dosimeter workplace studiesètre%20RPL%20étude%20de%20poste.jpg

  • Case ready to use with a fixing system.
  • Usable for area or whole body dosimetry.
  • Very precized results, in accordance with the regulation. The RPL measures the X rays, gamma and beta radiation.
  • RFID tracking and DataMatrix code for each dosimeter.




  • ​​Available in 3 sizes: 5, 20 or 39 dosimeters.
  • 2 colors RED or WHITE.
  • 2 shapes RPL or RPL NEUTRON.
  • Localisation reserved for the control dosimeter.
  • Compatible with all the IRSN dosimeters.

  • Accessories

    Other products

    We can also propose to you:

    • Environmental dosimeter holder.
    • Kit clip + crocodile clip for RPL dosimeter.
    • Kit Lanyard + clip for RPL dosimeter.
    • Crocodile clip.
    • Wrist strap for wrist dosimeter.
    • Case for ambient or environment.

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